Team of Professionals

Business Advice Specialists Group is a registered BAS Agent Services Company with a team of accounting professionals from diverse backgrounds coming together with a view to deliver quality management accounting related services to “Small To Medium Enterprises” (SME’s) and “Micro Business Entities” with specific emphasis on accounting software design and review, day-to-day live file maintenance and reporting, trouble-shooting, management accounting, business analysis, GST and payroll compliance.

Our team consists of highly motivated, experienced and competent analysts, consultants, and Xero bookkeeping agency in Melbourne. Among us are registered BAS agents, members of CPA, IPA, MYOB Certified Consultants, MYOB Retail Manager Professionals, Reckon Accredited Partners, Xero Accredited Advisors and Microsoft Certified Professionals.

We follow strict quality assurance processes and encourage on-going professional research and development for all team members. All team members are subject to regular review and training to ensure quality delivery of services to our clients.

Needs of the SME’s and MBE’s

Most SME’s (Small to Medium Enterprises) and MBE’s (Micro Business Entities) are family-owned businesses with less than 25 employees.

The majority of SME’s and MBE’s do not have a dedicated Accounts Department or an accountant or a full-time qualified bookkeeper.

The ever-evolving tax, labour/workplace legislations, ASIC and OHNS requirements present an ever-increasing burden on business owners in these various areas of compliance.

We have the resources, understanding, competence and capacity to provide a holistic approach in assisting our clients with not only traditional accounting needs, but we take pride in our ability to provide exceptional consulting and business advisory services such as integration across different software, including add-on solutions for QuickBooks online training, Xero training courses, MYOB software trainingoutsourced payroll services, inventory, job tracking and time-billing requirements beyond basic models.

Our priority is to assist our clients to meet their accounting and compliance requirements by becoming part of their support network in providing regular support and advice in accounting matters to free them to focus on what they do best to manage their business.

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